Catering for Good - Part 1

Last year when The Picha Project is starting to grow, I saw this post HERE.

Then I thought to myself, why can’t social enterprises or cafes be featured in such a way too? So that people can choose to support these amazing works by filling up their tummies too. So, I sat down and listed down the catering companies or cafes that I know who are working very hard to bring impact to their own communities through food.

#1 - Eat X Dignity

The Picha team loves to visit Eat x Dignity at least once a month for team lunch because of its coziness and good food. I remember visiting the then Project B last year and this year, they revamped their menu. Simple and nice menus from pastas to burger and asian delicacies that doesn’t cost a bomb. 

However, it was their cause that always bring us to its cafe to have lunch or hang out. Eat x Dignity was formed by an NGO - Dignity for Children Foundation as a social enterprise and whoever that dines in, all the proceeds go to its NGO to support the work they do. They even do urban farming at the side of the cafe across the road, how cool is that? Just to be able to pluck fresh ingredient and cook for their customer.

My team’s favourite is always the Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik. You can even host your events or birthday parties there, by empowering others who can’t afford a proper education. Doing good all at once, why not?

#2 - Deliccia

We met Deliccia two years ago at the MaGIC Accelerator Program while they were still at their ideation phase. Ray & Ice, an amazing couple came out with this idea of empowering Malaysian Women through a food business, and we are glad to see them grow so much now.

Deliccia serves delicious local delights, ranging from fried meehun, curry puff to nasi lemak, black pepper beef and popiah. The superstar of their catering is always their chocolate brownies that melts in your mouth. We love love love their brownies.

Despite having a small team, Ray and Ice are determined to make this business work even after they’ve tied the knot and started building a family together. If you’re looking for local caterers, why not get Deliccia to support our Malaysian mothers too? 

#3 - The Picha Project

We from The Picha Project wish to serve authentic traditional meals to our customers. From Syria, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Iraq and Palestine, we serve main meals like Chicken Mandi to desserts like Kanafeh. All these food home made by refugee chefs who are in Malaysia seeking refuge with their family.

Started almost 3 years ago, we are determined to make sure customers get to taste food from different country conveniently and at the same time making an impact or rebuilding lives together.

So if you are looking for something more adventurous to cater for your guests, consider making an impact with Picha too.

We in Picha love everyone that is striving hard to make an impact or change within their community. It doesn’t matter what delicious food is being made but most importantly, what we are eating today, has a meaning behind it. 

As they put food on your table, you are putting food on theirs too. It’s just as simple as that, making creating impact an everyday life.

The good thing is, there’s more! On our next “Catering for Good” blogpost, we will share with you another 3 more impact driven eateries so that you’ll be able to fill that tummy of your alongside with your heart!