Written by
Kim Lim

Being a server, waiter, waitress or a caterer always seem to be a “low class job” for many Malaysians - because if you walk into a restaurant or an event today, you will most likely to see foreign workers doing the job.

If you are to work part-time after you graduate, serving or waitressing, your parents might be shocked because they most likely want you to get a related and comfortable job plus earn a decent salary to begin with.

However, what if being a part-time caterer means catering the future?

What about when you have a company event or a party? Have you considered which caterer you use to serve your guests can shape the future too? Maybe using less plastic during the event, give door-gifts made by individuals who are striving to make ends meet, or if you need to serve food, order from a sustainable and live-building caterers.

What is catering? It can be for both parties. From a caterer’s stand point, catering for our customers. And at the customer stand point, choosing to cater from a caterer. Can both of these play a role in catering the future? Now it sounds like a movement, doesn’t it?

So, why not join the movement of catering the future?

Here’s how Picha can help you cater the future.

Travelling the World through Different Cuisines

Being a Malaysian who loves food so much, and for many who are adventurous enough to try and explore new food, Picha provides a variety of authentic traditional recipes to cater for your event.

Every time you decide to cater from Picha, you are impacting a minimum of 2 families and that’s where they will get enough income to send their kids for education too.

We make it very easy for you to be able to sustain lives of the marginalised while having good food for your guests and yourself. Consider us for your next event and join us in catering the future for many families who deserve the right to a more dignified life.

Sharing Cultures

Culture is the identity of every individual. For those who came from the war torn country, it is very hard to continue preserving their culture as they no longer stay with their own community, and much hopes have been broken. However, the mothers of Picha are working to preserve their culture in the food that they made, and sharing it to Malaysias! From Afghanistan’s Bolani to Syrian’s Fattet Magdoos (eggplant stuffed with lamb) or Palestine’s Mandi Rice - we have them all.

We think that it’s truly important to share these culture to our fellow Malaysians, allowing us to open our eyes to the world that we might not be able to travel to for a long period of time until the war stops. The more open we are to share and learn from other cultures, the faster we can advance to a progressive future.

Restoring Dignity

For many years, dignity was stripped away from millions of lives. Yet, we have not lost hope of restoring dignity of those who are striving hard. Many organisations work day and night to make sure people can find hope again. It’s not an easy journey at all and it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

With today’s technology and innovation, Picha managed to find its way to spread that message even to an international level. So, if the world thinks Picha can do it, all of us here can do it too. Deciding to have Picha for your event, you are enabling many of us - including your guests - to restore dignity of those in need. You are literally shaping the future of what the world needs to look like just by eating.

Making Malaysia’s Brand World-Class

Can you believe that a sustainable brand that rebuild lives can become world-class? We believe it’s possible and that should be Malaysia’s future. We constantly strive to improve and take in harsh feedbacks because we believe in fixing our problems day and night to make Picha a world class Malaysia brand.

Putting Malaysia on the map, allowing more people to know that Malaysia can have a world-class solution too.  The more you cater from Picha and constantly be part of our movement by providing us feedbacks to improve, you are basically pushing Picha towards betterment, so that we can serve many more. Your mouth does the eating and the talk, we will do the work!

Learning to Serve

As a caterer, when we learn to serve our customers, we learn to serve others and the underserved community too. It’s a very humbling process that allows us to put ourselves down, and put our ego aside just to serve. It’s not a low class job, it’s a job of shaping the future.

You need to know, as you serve that plate of meal to the customers, you are making sure kids are having a shelter over their heads plus you are preserving culture. That role is just highly crucial and important, we respect people who can do so because it really takes a lot of humility to be able to serve. Truthfully, in today’s world, this trait is reducing day by day.

Remember, when you are catering from Picha for your guests, you are catering the future to them too, it works both ways. You feeding your guests what the future may look like but also making sure kid’s future are well taken care of.

We strongly believe Picha can be this world class brand that rebuild lives by catering our Picha Heroes the future but with that we need your help. Whenever you choose to cater with Picha, throw us in your feedbacks and comments, if it’s the negative ones, you have to throw them in more. This is because it will help us to improve to serve our customers better.

This is our brand promise to you, that we will listen, accept and rectify or improve our services and product. We believe that products made by refugee or the underserved community can be of quality standards and we will constantly push towards that if we are given the chance to do so.

Thank you, dear Picha Heroes for sticking with us and catering the future together.