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Kim Lim

Just 2 more days and it’s World Humanitarian Day! In Picha, we always look up to those who have dedicated their lives to build communities and to save lives, and we give them all our respect. This World Humanitarian Day, besides spreading awareness towards refugee issues in different companies, we would also like to introduce 4 organisations & individuals that we look up to very much.

These amazing individuals risked their lives, gave their time and put in all their effort to make sure that a safe and empowering community exist - our utmost salute goes to them.


I remember when we started Picha, there were a few social enterprises that we truly looked up to. EPIC was the first on our list due to the commitment they had in building homes for the Orang Asli. They didn’t just build homes for them, they built homes with them. They rebuild lives and provide a decent shelter for them, so that they can have a save place to live with their family.

Check out EPIC here!

Today, EPIC has grown into a bigger collective of work with a bigger vision. A community that tackles social problems with innovative initiatives and platforms and we are truly in awe of such solutions. EPIC has never failed to inspire the Picha team every time we meet the bosses behind. Thank you for constantly pushing the social enterprise sector, we have so much to learn from you amazing people!

P/S : I can still recall my first solo gig playing at one of their charity dinners in a house. I didn’t knew it was EPIC until I started working on Picha and remembered that I did a performance for them before. That was the first time I was in touch with a social enterprise.


Source: Al Jazeera

As a company that strongly advocates for refugee issue, the White Helmets is an organisation based in Syria that constantly remind us of the sacrifices made in this world to save lives. The White Helmet is formed by a group of courageous volunteers to commit themselves to saving lives whenever an explosion hits.

The war in Syria has been going on for more than 7 years, and it has not subside at all. To date, White Helmets have saved more than 120,000 lives, with 3000 volunteers who are all civilians. In their mission to save lives, more than 200 White Helmets Heroes have been killed.

The selfless act of these volunteers saving lives on the front line shook the world, and their journey is also documented in an award-winning documentary on NETFLIX right now.

At this moment, White Helmets is in need of more fundings to get equipments to sustain their work - from safety goggles and first aid kits to helmets and gas mask. So, in this World Humanitarian Month, maybe save a few cup of Starbucks and donate some money to the White Helmets, so that these heroes who are on the ground can continue saving lives.

Click here to support them!


Langit is a Malaysian social enterprise that works with the rural communities and smallholder farmers in Sabah & Sarawak to promote their home-grown products like rice, pepper and other agriculture products. By doing this, they empower farmers economically, forming a fair trade for the famers.

Picha have always admired the work that Langit is doing, and their packaging is always Picha’s benchmark! We decided to invite Langit over for a sharing with the Picha team last month, and it was very inspiring to hear more about the work that they do. That meeting was an energy booster for everyone in the team, hearing how much effort and sacrifices were put into the work that they do.

Our friends at Langit has so much stake on their hands, and are also recently challenged by big manufacturers in the agriculture industry. But these heroes really showed us so much bravery and boldness they have in facing such situations.

Thank you Langit for the work you do. Continue to inspire many others to do the same!


To our Picha Heroes, during this World Humanitarian Month, we would like to thank all the effort that you have put in to empower Picha to rebuild lives of the refugees in Malaysia. It’s been 2.5 years since we started this journey - and we are able to grow because you have either purchased from us, mentored us, given us feedbacks, volunteered or worked with us, attended our events or just have been here for us. You have pushed us to where we are today.

Thank you so much for accepting who we are and believing in what we do. It warms our heart knowing that there is a community that is willing to put in effort, sweat and tears to make sure that lives are rebuilt. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to send you a HUGE PICHA HUG.

If you see us, come say hi and we will give you that real hug!

This World Humanitarian Month, we will be going to different companies or startups to share about what Picha does and about the refugee crisis that’s happening globally.

Here, we want to make a BIG SHOUTOUT to Plus Solar & Supahands for having us! If your company is interested to have Picha over to share some love with your members, let us know, we’ll be there!

19th August is the World Humanitarian Day, so let us recognise those who have sacrificed for humanitarian causes and thank them for the amazing work they are doing.

There are many more amazing organisations and individuals that we look up to who are doing great work, and we will keep the list coming in the following months! 😉

Share with us stories of anyone around you who have made a huge impact in the society or in your life. Let’s continue to spread love and positivity in this world because I do think the world truly needs it 🙂