For the past months, we’ve been working hard in forming partnerships with many startups and corporates, opening up a platform for people who would like to be part of the Picha movement to rebuild lives together. It is always very empowering for us to see how people get together, share resources to make sure lives are impacted. This is what Picha’s vision is.

So, we partnered up with startups like GoCar, MindSpace, OpenMinds Resource, and also corporates like Allianz, Crowe and Leader’s Quest to organise events and pop-up booths to reach out to more people who wants to be part of a movement of rebuilding lives. Let us know if you would like to be part of this movement too!

This month, we are partnering up with Kind Kones and Amazin’ Graze to bring to you a very special event.

This September 29th, at Common Ground Bukit Bintang, we are going to celebrate resilience and strength, and at the same time telling the world that “WE ARE MORE”.

This is an event that you must attend, and here’s why.

#1 - vegetarian & vegan buffet spread from 4 different countries at one place?

Not going to lie, it’s going to be an experiment for most of our families on the food, but we promise that it’ll be good because we tried it. Following a few vegan open house hosted in the homes of our refugee families before, people loved it. So, we thought why not bring it to more people and collaborate with like-minded people to spread the love.

We will be bringing to you the vegetarian version of Fattet Magdoos from Syrian, vegetarian Mantu from Afghanistan, Falafel from Palestine and more. This will be a vegetarian & vegan feast! We promise you’ll be wanting for more after your first round, travelling to different countries through your tastebuds!

#2 - Vegan ice cream and super-dessert from 2 amazing startups!

Photo Source: Kind Kones

That’s not just all, after the main meals, enjoy the delicious and healthy vegan ice cream by Kind Kones! Kind Kones makes ice cream with ZERO trace of dairy milk, eggs, or cheese.

All ice cream are also house-made using chemical-free all natural ingredients. No artificial flavouring or colouring are added  to enhance nature’s goodness. Who knew that desserts can be so healthy, and it’s no longer sinful eating loads of them!

Photo Source: Amazin’ Graze

Superfood is no stranger to anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s hard to always prepare healthy food when we are all busy, so Amazin’ Graze made it simple for anyone who would like some healthy snacks on the go. They’ll be serving you with amazing healthy dessert and I bet that you’ll get addicted to it too, because we did. The Picha team can’t stop eating when we open a packet of snack by Amazin’ Graze!

#3 - Get Empowered by Rocyie and Sara

Photo Source: Rocyie’s Instagram Feed @rocyie

Rocyie is a psoriasis fighter for 11 years who has inspired the Picha team so much when she decided to share her journey to the world. Honestly, she inspired me to start writing more blogs because I find it very empowering for people who are reading it or has the same journey as her. The work and effort she put into telling her story is amazing, and we thought why not let her tell her story about how SHE IS MORE than her condition to our Picha Heroes! Be prepared to be blown away by this amazing woman who is constantly battling every day and has not given up.

Sara from Afghanistan is now the only bread winner in the family, taking care of her family of 8. Being a refugee ALL her life, it has taught her so much in being always on SURVIVAL mode. She was a nurse back in Iran, then returned to Afghanistan to build a school because she believed in education. She was then attacked by extremists for being an educator, so she had to escape with her whole family. However, despite being through so much hardship, she has never stopped being a leader and comforter to her community. She believes that she is more then just “ a refugee”, and she can make powerful impact in her own way.

#4 - An amazing spread of HUMMUS

Photo Credit: Theviskitchen

THIS might just be the highlight of the evening. For the past few months, we’ve been experimenting different flavour of hummus, and we are so excited to present to you what we’ve tried out. Do you know that all the hummus sold in our local grocers are imported from Australia? Why can’t we produce our own ones when we have them in Malaysia?

It’s going to be a colourful spread, and you’ll be eye-feasting before your stomach feasts. Can you hear our excitement? Rebuilding lives can be so fun at the same time.

#5 - It’s happening at COMMON GROUND

Photo Source: Common Ground

Spacious with amazing interior design, over looking KL City,  COMMON GROUND is going to make you feel like you’ve attended the best vegetarian/vegan event of the year. We’re super thankful to COMMON GROUND for hosting this event together with us.

So if you are ready to take some really cool photos at COMMON GROUND, put on those #ootd of yours to match the space and photo-shoot away!

If these do not convince you enough to attend “WE ARE MORE”, I’m not sure what will.

Click on our event page HERE to book your seats!

Date: 29 September
Time: 6pm-9pm
Venue: Common Ground Bukit Bintang
Price: RM85/pax

Trust us, we are so looking forward to see you there!