Never “Just an Intern”

Written by
Tara Gross

Tara joined Picha for a two-week internship during her Summer break, and we asked her how was her experience like with Picha at the end of the two weeks. Here’s what Tara wants to share with all of you! 

As an Intern, I worked for two weeks at Picha. I wanted to experience how Picha operates as a group, and how a rapidly growing company functions on its own. I was curious about how much work it is to organise, set up, arrange, and cater events. Furthermore, I was intrigued by how the “daily working life” differs from the “school life” and how my future life might be.

During my internship, I learned a lot about catering and how much structure, planning and organisation needs to be done with such a passion. The pressure contributes to it as well - if there was a big event, Picha had a lot of pressure to cope with. Customers needed to be content, there needed to be good ambience, the desired food needed to be delivered on time to a high quality, all equipment needed to be clean, we needed to be friendly hosts, et cetera.

Furthermore, what Picha really values is having a close relationship between the Picha team and Picha families which cook fantastic food. It is mostly based on trust, wanting them to have a better life in Malaysia, being able to send their children to school and generally providing them a better future. Most of these families can’t speak English or Bahasa Malaysia, so Picha even uses hands and feet to communicate. 🙂

Additionally,  I learned that I should value my family and our precious time together more. After work, I was always pretty exhausted and wasn’t able to spend a lot of time with my family at dinner. I often came home tired and didn’t want to talk much. However, this taught me that spending time with my family is more important.

Even though my internship was only for two weeks, I learned way more than expected and will definitely miss it! If I have more free time in the future, I plan on working with them again.

Hence, for Picha, I wish them the best of luck for many upcoming years. You all are very hardworking, wonderful and fantastic women who will be growing together with your extraordinary company!


Even though Tara was only with Picha for two weeks, she has helped to make meaningful connections, worked on several project proposals, and stepped out of her comfort zone to talk to clients. No one is “just an intern” in Picha. No matter how short or how long the internship period is, every effort made creates a real impact in the lives of the refugees.

Thank you, Tara, for joining us, and we hope to have you back again soon!