Catering Adventure

Blogpost by: Suzanne

This evening, we catered for a client’s birthday dinner and I had to pick up the food to be delivered. After picking up chicken lasagna, fattoush and hummus from Zaza’s Syrian Kitchen, I headed to Nawal’s Iraqi to pick up more food.

When I reached Nawal’s apartment, I realised that there’s a tiny crack on the Hummus plate, so I decided to bring the hummus to Nawal’s house to transfer it to a new plate.

As usual, I went to the guard house to register myself and entered the apartment compound. I must be too distracted by the delicious-looking hummus in my hands that I didn’t realise the steps ahead of me.. and just like that, I missed a step, sprained my ankle and fell straight to the ground.

With a plate of hummus on my hand, the fall was quite a scene.. (imagine a girl falling and dropping a plate of food on the ground lol **cues glass-breaking sound-effect*). Immediately, a group of strangers started approaching me from different directions, picking up my broken plate, asking me to sit down, and constantly checking if I was okay.

Bye-bye, Hummus.

A Yemeni came straight to me, told me that he’s a nurse and asked if it was okay for him to check on my ankle. This random stranger didn’t only check on my ankle, he also went an extra mile to get plasters for my wound and a cloth to act as a temporary bandage for my ankle.

Honestly, I was overwhelmed when I saw a group of people coming towards me to offer their help. I was expecting people to give me awkward stares, but they gave me much more than that. They showed me kindness, even though I’m not of their race, nationality or religion. They showed me kindness, even though I was just a stranger.

Despite having a sprained ankle (and a mini heart-attack) today, my heart is full - all thanks to the overwhelming kindness surrounding me.

After some time, the pain wasn’t so bad anymore and I could move on with work. I was quite worried and nervous about the hummus that couldn’t be served to the client, but thankfully (again), the client was understanding enough to forgive my potato-ness and was worried more about my ankle than her missing hummus. *cries tears of gratefulness*

Today wasn’t a usual Saturday, and it’s definitely a Saturday worth remembering 😉

To all of you who are reading, don’t underestimate your little act of kindness - it might mean the world to someone, because what happened today meant the world to me 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

Your CPO
Chief Potato Pretty Officer 😉