The Picha Project

The Picha Project (previously known as Hands of Hope Kitchen) is a social enterprise initiated by Hands of Hope Malaysia - a voluntary organization which aims to sow seeds of change to the underserved communities through education. Since the establishment of Hands of Hope (HOH) in, more than 150 university students have volunteered with HOH, providing weekly classes and vocational training to the refugee and special needs community.

The Inspiration

In, HOH observed a growing problem among the refugee students, where many of them dropped out of school due to financial struggles. Facing this situation, HOH took actions to understand why they dropped out and eventually found out the severity of financial issues they were facing.

Seeing the struggles of the students and their families, HOH started The Picha Project with the aim to bring change and empower this community financially, one family at a time.

The Picha Project started in January with the family of a student from Myanmar. For the past 3 months, we experimented with the dishes, business model, packaging, pricing and cost together with the mother, and she has been an amazing partner to work with.


This project is named after her youngest son, Pita (read as Pi-Cha), who has always been there with us and brought us so much joy throughout our journey in this project.

We welcome you to our official facebook page, where we provide you the best avenue to get good food and do good at the same time!

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